Instead of: Use
250 ml wheat flour 250 mL whole wheat flour
250 ml whole milk 250 mL skim, 1% or 2% milk
1 whole egg 1 omega-3 enriched egg,
2 egg whites or 60 mL egg substitute For each egg used in recipes such as pancakes, muffins and cookies, add 15 mL ground flax seed pre-soaked in 45 mL water for several minutes .
250 ml butter or shortening (solid or melted) 250 mL soft tub non-hydrogenated margarine or 175 mL unsaturated oil (canola or soybean oil)
250 ml cream cheese 250 mL low fat cream cheese or low fat ricotta cheese
250 ml sour cream 250 mL plain yoghurt or 250 mL low fat (or no-fat) sour cream
30 g (1 oz. square) baking chocolate 45 mL cocoa plus 15 mL unsaturated oil (canola or soybean oil), blended together
Regular egg-based mayonnaise Mayonnaise or salad dressing made with unsaturated oil (flax, canola, soybean or olive oil)
Sugar In certain cases you can replace sugar with sugar substitutes such as Splenda® or Aspartame® to eliminate calories from simple sugars. Saccharin® should only be used under the advice of a physician