• Fresh and frozen vegetables and fruit are the healthiest choices.
  • Canned vegetables have added sodium (salt) and canned fruit have added sugars so use them less often.
  • Fruit and some vegetables are good sources of soluble fibre, which can help reduce your cholesterol and LDL-C levels.
  • Vegetables have less sugar and are lower in calories than fruits.
  • Choose vegetables more often than fruit, every day.
Choose vegetables more often than fruit:
Vegetables Fresh, frozen or canned vegetables
Tomato or vegetable juices/ cocktails
Avocado and olives in very small amounts Vegetables prepared with butter, cream or sauces
Deep fried potatoes or other vegetables
Pickled vegetables
Fruit Fresh fruit
Unsweetened fruit juices
Canned fruit in its own juice
Fruit juices with added concentrated juices
Dried fruit
Canned fruit in light syrup
Fruit drinks with added sugars
Canned fruit in medium or heavy syrup