A physical activity is any body movement that you make. Exercise is a physical activity that follows a planned format with the goal of improving or maintaining your level of physical fitness.

The best form of physical activity is the one that you are willing to stick with!

Once you get moving with daily physical activities you will have:

• more energy
• less stress
• improved sleep
• fewer aches and pains
• improved insulin sensitivity and better blood sugar control
• toned muscles
• a positive self image
• a healthier heart!

That’s a lot of reasons to make physical activity a daily part of your life.

Get Moving!…but don’t forget to drink up!

drinking water

If you sweat during your physical activities, exercise or sports, don’t forget to drink water throughout. Bring a water bottle and drink enough to satisfy your thirst. You may need to drink up to 1/2 cup (125 ml) of water every 15 minutes to replace sweat losses during your physical activity sessions, especially during spring and summer.  So drink when you’re thirsty!