Many of us are either on a diet, thinking about dieting, or have just fallen off the latest diet fad. Losing excess body fat and keeping it off will improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels and further reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Taking the next step and becoming physically fit while maintaining that weight loss can improve your HDL-C levels as well.

The risk factors for becoming overweight include:

  • less than 15 minutes of physical activity per day;
  • snacking regularly on high calorie foods such as cookies, chips and candy;
  • irregular meal times, skipping meals and snacking frequently throughout the day;
  • watching two or more hours of television daily;
  • sitting for more than several hours each day (e.g., desk work, driving);
  • eating fast food meals more than once per week; and
  • drinking sweet beverages daily (sodas, fruit drinks and fruit juices).

Achieving and maintaining that healthy body weight will mean following the recommendations of your doctor, and following the principles of the heart-healthy activity and eating plans. By being active and by eating smart, you will naturally achieve a healthier weight and body composition.

Are you ready to SHAPE UP!?